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A Planter to Remember (Just in time for Mother's Day!)

May 01 2016

Growing Traditions Growing Traditions

May is a month to celebrate. There’s Mother’s Day, Victoria Day, the beginning of cottage season, and the average last frost date for Southwestern Ontario – which means the start to the planting season!

With the start of the planting season there are so many possibilities of what planters to make, what plants to combine together, and where it’s all going to go!

This year as I was doing some spring cleaning, I came across a few pairs of adorable rain boots my children had when they were younger. There were so many fond memories of them splashing in the puddles and playing the gardens when they were younger that I just couldn’t bare to let them go. Thinking about how to repurpose them, I realized that they’re the perfect item to use as a planter – and what a great Mother’s Day gift for Mom or Grandma, especially if the little ones get involved! It was so much fun to coordinate beautiful blooming flowers with the colours and patterns on the little boots – and now those great memories of them splashing in the puddles comes back every time I see those little boots on the deck.

Another wonderful Mother’s Day idea is a beautiful herb planter. With so many pots to choose from, you can find one that will look great on the deck or patio, and it’s so wonderful to have fresh herbs handy for cooking, baking or making a refreshing cocktail! In fact, join us on May 7th for a cooking demonstration of recipes using fresh herbs that are featured in per la familia, by cookbook author Emily Richards.

If you’re up for a larger scale project, May is also a perfect time to plant a vegetable garden when the final frost date is behind us, and it will give you fresh produce all season long! There’s nothing better than tomatoes fresh from the plant or beans that are right off the vine. If space is a restriction, why not try a vegetable planter? Even container vegetable gardens can provide enough produce for you to enjoy, and what a great planting tradition to start!

As another new planting season starts, remember that gardening is therapy for the soul – it’s supposed to be fun, creative, and reflect your taste – so have fun with it!

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