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Getting the Most From Your Spring Bulbs

Sep 28 2015

Spring Bulbs Spring Bulbs Spring Bulbs

Autumn is truly our favourite season! The warm soil, crisp air, rich colours and amazing textures make it an extraordinary time of year.

Although we have a long time to go before we reach the spring season again, now is the time to think about planting spring bulbs. Planting the spring bulbs now will ensure that you have a wonderful burst of bright colours to welcome in the spring. There are a few ways to plant to make sure you have a great spring show. The easiest way to get colour in the garden is to plant the same type of bulb in clusters, or, if you want a more versatile spring show, you can layer-plant different types of bulbs. Whichever method you choose, you'll be happy in the spring that you took the time this fall to add to your garden.

To start, decide where to add the spring colour by locating spaces which will not be giving you a lot of colour in the spring. As a general rule, avoid placing the bulbs in straight rows, as it will look more appealing to have a cluster or grouping.

If you are planting the same type of bulb in a cluster, simply dig the hole to the correct depth for the bulb you're using and make the hole as big as the cluster will be. Place each bulb firmly in the hole with the pointy side up, and carefully cover the hole with good soil.

If you want a more versatile look in your gardens, or you want to extend the blooming time of your bulb area, you can layer plant your bulbs. To start your layer planting, select bulbs that have the same bloom time for the versatile bouquet-look, or that have different bloom times (early, mid and late-season) if you want to have a longer blooming grouping. Next, organize your bulbs by planting depth, digging the hole to the depth of the deepest bulb to plant. Firmly place each of the bulbs with the deepest planting requirement in the hole, pointy side up. Add a layer of soil to the hole so the depth is appropriate for the next set of bulbs. Add the next layer of bulbs to the cluster area pointy side up. Repeat this process for your final layer of bulbs. When you're finished planting, water the bulb area and add mulch.

Enjoy planting your spring bulbs in the crisp autumn air, and get ready to enjoy the spring colours! For suggestions on which bulbs to layer, or for assistance on any of your fall gardening, visit us in-store at the corner of Gordon Street and Poppy Drive.

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