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Crocus Zonatus or Crocus kotschyanus

Sep 17 2014


Fall is such a wonderful time to be in the garden.  The colours and textures of the season are so rich and warm. 

A wonderful plant that one might not know about is Crocus zonatus or Crocus kotschyanu.  It is more commonly referred to as 'Fall Flowering Crocus'.  It has beautiful pink blossoms with white painterly centres and golden stamens and stands approximately 10 centimetres tall.  It is best planted in the early fall to ensure late fall blossoms, the same season!  In following years its leaves will appear in spring, die back to replenish the corm, remain dormant throughout the summer and then bloom again in the fall.

It is great planted among low groundcover or in front of low lying shrubs.  Like with most bulbs plant them 3 times deeper than their length.  Enjoy!

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