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What to do with 'Winter Burn'

May 15 2014

'Winter Burn' shows itself as discolouration on evergreens after the winter season.  It is caused by water loss during the winter months as a result of low soil moisture, blowing wind and cold temperatures.  This is because evergreens continue to transpire throughout the winter months which causes moisture loss that cannot be replaced by the frozen ground.

The best way to minimize winter burn is to ensure the following steps are taken:

  1. Water.  Be sure to deep root water your evergreens throughout  the growing season right up until the ground freezes.

  2. Wind.  Be sure to locate evergreens out of the winter wind.  If your evergreens are exposed to winter wind, wrap with burlap.

  3. Mulch.  Be sure to mulch around evergreens to reduce the amount of moisture loss.

The best way to treat winter burn is to:

  1. Be patient, water and apply a proper compost or fertilizer according to package directions.

  2. Remove dead branches which do not come back after a month or so.

With the 2013-2014 winter season, plants may take longer than normal to leaf - continue caring for them, be patient, and give them time to get growing again.


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