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Miniature or Fairy Gardening 101

Apr 24 2014

Fairy Garden Fairy Garden Fairy Garden 

Gardening is soothing, rewarding and adds beauty to your yard, but sometimes it can be a challenge to find the space. However, miniature gardening is on the rise, because it takes the soothing and beautiful connection with nature, and shrinks it so that you can have that experience nearly anywhere.
Miniature gardens are extremely versatile. Novice gardeners can have a chance to take care of a small scale garden on a deck or patio, and avid gardeners can challenge themselves to come up with a great combination of plants on a small scale, that can be used as a patio table centerpiece.
In addition to being a garden on a small scale for adults, miniature gardens can get children interested in the outdoors, and gives them something to create and be proud of. Often, kids love to be creative and select things for their gardens because they aren’t burdened by the fear of failure. They simply select things they like, give it their best try, and are extremely proud of their accomplishments when they see something grow that they have been taking care of.
The newest form of miniature gardens that have kids the most excited are Fairy Gardens. These little gardens can be made using a kit, or assembled from the pieces you assemble yourself from the garden centre. Just like with other miniature gardens, there are several small plant varieties available for Fairy gardens, and there are also special pieces of furniture and garden accessories that are available to make the Fairy Garden unique to each person's taste.
In addition to being a great project or hobby piece, miniature and fairy gardens can be used as an extension of your décor, extending the colour palette of your home from the inside to outside.
There are so many possibilities of what colours and textures you can use in your garden that you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.
To get started on your miniature or fairy garden, follow these simple steps, and expand your project at your own pace:

  1. Select a container suitable to your garden. Make your choice based on aesthetics, but also keep in mind the size should be big enough to let the small plants establish, but not overwhelming for you to move if you want to keep your garden mobile. If you choose a container with drainage, it’s a good idea to also purchase a saucer.
  2. Fill the container with a suitable potting soil, like Veranda Container Mix.
  3. Design your garden. Have fun and be creative! When you have your plan, assemble the plants, furniture and accessories for your garden and lay them out to make sure everything fits as desired.
  4. Remove all the plants and accessories from the layout and plant the plants in their place.
  5. After planting, make sure to water all the plants appropriately according to their requirements. (These can usually be found on the plant tag.)
  6. Add the garden furniture and accessories, and add your pathway pebbles and sand.
  7. If you’re creating a fairy garden, now is a great time to sprinkle on the fairy dust to add a little luck and glimmer to your garden.
  8. Relax and enjoy! Be sure to keep the garden watered based on its requirements and feel free to move the accessories and furniture around from time to time, or add new favourites, to give your garden some variety.

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