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A Swampy Solution

Oct 23 2013

As I look at my backyard at this time of year, the grey and brown hues signal the end of the season.  The exception this year are the fire-red berries from the Winterberry that peek through the trunks and branches of the sleeping trees and reflect off the swampy pool in which they stand.  Last season we planted these beautiful berries to provide a pop of colour in an otherwise somber area.

Winterberries are native to North America and their vibrant red berries provide a stunning late-fall and winter show.  They have deep-green leaves throughout the season and hold brilliant red fruit throughout the winter.  What's more, Winterberries grow naturally in boggy and wet areas, providing a colourful solution for areas that can be hard to grow in.  They are commonly cut to be used in winter arrangements, though with their slow growth habit it's best not to over-prune.  Make sure to plant at least one male with several female plants, as a pollinator is required to produce the little red fruit.


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