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No room for a tree but fall colour for me!

Sep 26 2013

Fall is, in my opinion, the most beautiful season of all!  I love the comfortable temperature, the amazing textures and the rich colours!

The colours!  Our native maples have a magical presence at this time of the year with the rich tones that warm the urban and rural landscapes.  However, if you do not have space in your landscape for one of these amazing trees all is not lost.  There are a number of smaller shrubs that possess the same rich autumnal tones on a much smaller scale.



Blue Muffin Arrowwood Viburnum

Glossy green leaves hold crisp white flowers in spring, making way for a bright blue berry in late summer and fall.  The shiny leaves spring leaves turn warm shades of orange to burgundy-red in the fall, providing multi-season interest.   This shrub grows approximately 200cm tall by 150cm wide, making it a perfect size for city landscapes.  For best results, allow to cross-pollinate with another Arrowwood Viburnum.


Hardy Hydrangeas

The blooms of Hardy Hydrangeas turn wonderful shades of warm pink to burgundy depending on the variety.  The blooms of Limelight, Little Lime, Pinky Winky, Fire & Ice and Vanilla Strawberry all provide amazing fall colour.  There is a Hardy Hydrangea that will fit your landscape depending on the available space.  For a spectacular fall show, plant in odd numbered groupings. 


Engelman's Virginia Creeper

This hardy, fast-growing, self-clinging vine can climb most surfaces and is an amazing solution for unsightly views.  It has a wonderful large green leaf which turns a beautiful fire-red shade in the fall.  It also produces clusters of purple-black berries on red stems in the fall.  It can also be used as a groundcover.

Striped Bark
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