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September Weekend Projects

Sep 13 2013

September is a wonderful time for outdoor weekend projects!  Whether it be.

    • Adding new favourites to your gardens (September is a wonderful time for planting.  Plants still have enough time to establish themselves in the warm autumn soil before we get hard frosts.)
    • Planting spring bulbs (This ensures bright, bold colours next spring! Note: Allium bulbs are the most asked about flower in early-summer, don't miss out this year, be sure to check them out!
    • Overseeding your lawn  (A thick, healthy lawn has less weeds and grub damage.)
    • Creating a wonderful autumn planter (A beautiful planter is a wonderful way to greet guests as they arrive!)

This weekend come for a stroll, enjoy the colours of the season and perhaps find a plant or two to add to your garden!  If you do here a few basics to make it easy once you get home:

Basic Planting Tips

  • Dig the hole roughly two to three times larger than the pot and at the same depth
  • Plant the tree at the same level it was in the pot (planting too deep can cause the tree to rot)
  • Back-fill the planting hole with a mix of the natural soil and a nutrient rich soil blend, using the back of a shovel or your foot to tamp the soil as you back-fill, removing any air pockets
  • Apply a thin layer of compost on the surface of the soil
  • Apply a layer of mulch approximately 8cm (3 inches) to retain moisture, do not put mulch directly on the tree trunk, as this can cause rot (leave a small donut shape around base)
  • Water immediately following planting using a deep-root watering method (place the hose at the base of the tree on a slow trickle for approximately 15 to 20 minutes), and continue to water on average twice weekly depending on weather conditions

Basic Bulb Planting Tips

  • Be sure to plant your bulbs in full to partial shade
  • Be sure to plant in well-drained garden soil
  • Be sure to plant pointy side up
  • Be sure to plant the bulb the proper depth, a general rule is roughly 3 times the diameter if the bulb
  • Be sure to water thoroughly

A few extra things to consider when planting bulbs:

  • If you have squirrels, chipmunks, deer or bunnies plant: Allium, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Muscari, Frittialaria and avoid Tulips and Crocus
  • Plant in clusters, it creates a wonderful show.  The larger your garden the larger the flower cluster should be
  • Plant early, mid and late varieties of bulbs to extend your spring show.

Basic Overseeding Tips

  • Rake. (This helps to remove thatch.)
  • Top Dress. (Use a top dressing mix which has moisture holding capability and is nutrient rich to help the seed establish quickly.)
  • Overseed. (Use a self-repairing certified seed enhanced with endophtyes.  This ensures the highest quality seed which actually helps to keep grubs away.)
  • Water. (Keep moist.)

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