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Celebrate National Tree Day - Tree Planting Basics

Aug 30 2013

This year National Tree Day is September 25th.  National Tree Day is celebrated to recognize all the benefits which trees provide.

According to Tree Canada, trees:

·         clean the air

·         can reduce noise pollution

·         can prevent erosion

·         increase property value

·         provide shade and reduce air conditioning costs

·         can screen undesirable views

·         have many health benefits,  including stress reduction

Plant a tree and celebrate with us!  September is a great time to plant trees as the air is cool and the soil is warm, creating a perfect environment for root development.  In order to select the perfect tree for your space, here are a few things to consider:

·         The maximum height and width the tree can get in the available space

·         The soil condition

·         The light exposure

·         The wind exposure

Once you have selected your new tree, here are a few planting tips to help it thrive:

·         Dig the hole roughly two to three times larger than the pot and at the same depth

·         Plant the tree at the same level it was in the pot (planting too deep can cause the tree to rot)

·         Back fill the planting hole with a mix of the natural soil and a nutrient rich soil blend, using the back of a shovel tamp the soil to remove air pockets

·         Apply a thin layer of compost on the surface of the soil

·         Apply a layer of mulch approximately 8cm to retain moisture, do not put mulch directly on tree trunk as this can cause rot (leave a small donut shape around base)

·         Water using a deep watering application on average twice weekly (place the hose at the base of the tree on a slow trickle for approximately 15 minutes.

Once you have selected the correct tree for your space and planted it using the above tips , all that is left is to enjoy and reap the benefits of your new tree.  As always, we would be happy to discuss your outdoor space and help you select the perfect tree for you and your space.

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