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Planter Makeover

Sep 01 2012


(Pictured above: in the 'Before' photo, we removed trailing summer annuals which left space for autumn additions.  In the 'After' photo we added a beautiful Heucherella 'Redstone Falls' which not only adds colour but cascades as well, along with ornamental peppers and kale.)


September is the perfect time to update your summer planters. If your planters still have plants that are looking great and you are not quite ready to part with them, try doing a simple planter update for the upcoming fall season.  There are so many amazing fall container plants that will give your planter an autumn look.  Try adding ornamental peppers, ornamental kale, ornamental cabbage, traditional mums, or a selection of beautiful grasses, autumnal toned coral bells, stonecrops or trailing plants.

This season, our Mandevilla planters were simply incredible and are continuing to produce a waterfall of flowers; however, as the new season is approaching we need to give them an autumn update.  To do our planter update, we gently removed the trailing summer bloomers that we no longer wanted and replaced them with some fall friendly plants (pictured above).  As such, we are keeping the best of summer and introducing the best of fall! 

To keep the planters looking great until fall, be sure to water well (avoiding the blooms), fertilize regulaly and remove any spent blooms as they occur.

To do your own planter update, follow these simply steps:

  • Decide which plants to keep and which to compost 
  • Gently remove the plants you wish to compost and add fresh container soil
  • Fill the open spaces you created with your new autumn plant selections  
  • Water well, de-bloom, fertilize regularly and enjoy until frost!


(Pictured above: In the 'Before' photo we removed trailing summer annuals which left space for autumn additions. In the 'After' photo we added a Heucherella 'Yellowstone Falls' which not only adds colour but also cascades, along with purple and white ornamental kale.)

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