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Mulch Calculator
The question is: How much mulch do I need?

Here is a rough guide to help you figure out the answer.

First, calculate the area of the garden beds you wish to cover. Then, decide how thick you wish to apply the mulch.  A minimum of 3" is recommended. Then, multiply these two numbers together. Remember you need to be using the same unit of measure for each number, therefore, if you are multiplying the number of square feet by 3” you need to convert the inch measurement to feet by dividing by 12. Lastly, take the number reached above and divide by 27. This will convert cubic feet to cubic yards. You are done!

Example: A Garden Bed Measuring 25’ X 35’

Step-1:25' X 35' = 875 (Square Feet)    Step-2:875 x 0.25aka(3/12) = 218.75 (Cubic Feet)     Step-3: 218.75 / 27 = 8.1 (Cubic Yards)

Therefore, for a garden bed 25’ X 35’ with 3” of mulch you would order 8 cubic yards.

If you do not feel like doing the math you roughly need 1 cubic yard for every 100 square feet of garden bed at 3” deep.