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Miniature or Fairy Gardening 101

Fairy Garden Fairy garden Perennial 

Gardening is soothing, rewarding and adds beauty to your yard, but sometimes it can be a challenge to find the space. However, miniature gardening is on the rise, because it takes the soothing and beautiful connection with nature, and shrinks it so that you can have that experience nearly anywhere.Miniature gardens are extremely versatile. Novice gardeners can have a chance to take care of a small scale garden on a deck or patio, and avid gardeners can challenge themselves to come up with a great combination of plants on a small scale, that can be used as a patio table centerpiece.In addition to being a garden on a small scale for adults, miniature gardens can get children interested in the outdoors, and gives them something to create and be proud of. Often, kids love to be creative and select things for their gardens because they aren’t burdened by the fear of failure. They simply select things they like, give it their best try, and are extremely proud of their accomplishments when they see something gro ...

Garden Math

Apr 12 2014

Garden Math

 April is finally here, and after a very long winter, we’re happy to get back in the garden and welcome the spring. This month, we’ll share a few simple calculations to help you estimate the right amount of material you need for the garden. Having the proper amount of soils and mulch delivered for your gardens can help prevent waste and save you money by eliminating overpurchasing or multiple deliveries.For most gardens, you’ll simply need to start by measuring the length and multiplying it by the width. This will give you the area of square and rectangular gardens – and this also provides a good approximate measurement for gardens with slight curves.It’s easier to measure the garden before things are in leaf, but be sure to wait until after the ground has firmed up so that you don’t compact the soil.Some of the most common garden calculations include: Mulching: The recommended depth for mulching is 3” (Approximately 8cm) over the entire garden, leaving “donut” shaped spaces around trunks and stems. Given t ...

Digging in at Disney!

Feb 03 2014

This January my family and I were lucky enough to travel to Florida's Disney World with my cousin and her family.  We had a wonderful time and the kids were in heaven!

With all the snow burying Ontario these days, I thought this would be a great time to share some photos and reflect on the trip. 


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